News Feed was born from an idea during lockdown when all live music was 'banned' (in the UK...)

At the time many musicians went online to try and keep the music playing and the songs being sung. Facebook became the obvious platform with countless groups popping up and allowing people to share their songs with one another.

However, the structure of FB groups quickly became limiting as videos dissapear as quickly as they are posted and with no way to seperate videos into catagories.

So, the idea for a singing and music only 'social network' was born with its own fully catagorised video section and no interfearing spammy adverts!

Welcome to! is free to use with features like members profiles, full filterable activity feed and more.

Alongside the free features there are full member features such as a fully catagorised video section, members channels and more all for a minimal membership fee (just enough to cover our costs and further development!).

No spammy adverts, no data being sold, no dodgy algorythms... is made by musicians and singers, for musicians and singers.